2-Piece Costumes
By Mandie
Skirted - Non Skirted
Perfect for college Majorette Tryouts
​And so much more.....

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​I'm Sophie and Mandie is my Mom.

She makes these two-piece costumes including the one I'm wearing in this photo to your right!

You can order them as you see them.
You can order them with a skirt or no skirt
You can ask for any custom changes you want.
You can choose your own colors & trims.
You can even send her a photo or drawing of a special design you want.
​And YES!!! She'll stone them too!!!

is an
Twirl Costumes is proud to introduce our merger with SewStoppers.
Mandie (owner of SewStoppers) will be working with TwirlCostumes
 to bring you many new and incredible costumes and services.
These 2-piece costumes are just the beginning!!!!!
This first page is about the custom Two Piece costumes.   They begin at $300 and after you make all your choices, Mandie will give you a firm cost.   Remember you can send in your own drawings or photos for her to make also.
We will be adding to this page.
April Gable isOur first Place Winner in the 
Design Your Own Contest!
Collegiate Catagory
Therefore the Name of this costume is
Black Spandex with red trim
With Bold Stoning!
Double Straps and nude at the front neckline.
​Adult Size - Including Stones - $650.00
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I'm happy to look at any style ideas you have too!!