Fancy Strut
Remember --- You can order costumes in any size, color & trim you want ---  Fancy That!!!
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Salute Strut
Candy Tile Cracked Ice
Blue Glitter Lace
Blue Glitter Lace straps
Tiny Pink Rosebuds
Silver underskirt/Blue Glitter lace over skirt

Salute Strut
Silver Fluorescent Metallic 
Blue Glitter Lace
Blue Glitter Lace straps w/crystal adornment
Royal Blue straps under the lace straps
Pearl and crystal trim
Royal underskirt/Blue Glitter lace over skirt
3" Silver Icicle Fringe

Trinity ST
Gold Print - White Mesh with Gold Stars
Gold Metallic trim
White Mesh Skirt w/Gold Stars
 over Gold Metallic
Gold Metallic Mesh straps 
with Gold Metallic straps underneath

Trinity ST
Silver Flurescent Metallic
Gold Metallic trim
Black mesh skirt w/Silver glitter stars
Over Black Hologram Metallic
 Black mesh w/stars straps 
with Black Holo Metallic straps underneath

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Spicy - Sleeveless strut
(you can order it with sleeves)
Silver dot Metallic 
Elegant white Lace skirt with a Peep-a-Boo!
Purple Applique trim makes the costume POP!
Silver dot metallic underskirt

Sunrise - Sleeveless strut
(you can order it with sleeves)
Nude background
Elegant blue flower, glitter lace
Silver applique at lower waist
Royal blue underskirt, trim & straps

We Make 'Em Tall
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We Make 'Em Any Size At All!!!
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             We now have 3 Seamstresses making 
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Ordering Concerns!

We Guarantee
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Strut styles - skirted with sleeves

Youth --- $245.00
               Adult --- 285.00
                      Plus --- 310.00
All styles on this page are the same price as listed below.
Stunning Navy Blue Strut Costume 
Isn't She Elegant?!!
This stunning silver Strut Costume is a Youth size 8  -- Isn't she grand?
​Silvers and Whites
"Eclipse Strut"
Silvers and blues
Mints and nudes
Yellows and Nudes
Turquoise, lace & Nudes
Hot Pink & Nude
"Delight Strut"
Yellow Lace - Nude neckline 
Rhinestones at bodice
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