Style - Trinity
Silver Liquid Sequins & Royal Metallic
3"  icicle trim - Metallic Sequin Trim
A-line (slightly flared) skirt & Single Straps
Fully Lined
3 Silver Letters (Letters $6.00 each)

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Style - Trinity 
Gun Metal Mettallic
Black/Silver 2" Icicle fringe on top
Silver 3" icicle fringe below
Silver frabric trim.

Style - Trinity 
Blue Ice - Black swirl spandex
Silver/Turquoise fringe
Turquoise Sequin trim

Style - Trinity
Fuchsia foil and Glitter Velvet 
Fully Lined

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I absolutely love my costume! It's the perfect size and I love the colors! Diane is amazing and I received my costume in 2 days! 
-Madison Bennett 
Style - Trinity 
white/silver Cracked ice Tile
royal blue Metallic
3" silver icicle fringe & Royal trim

Style - Trinity 
WhiteTile/Red Metallic
Red/Silver 3" Icicle fringe
White Tile Trim
Back same as Black/Red

Style - Trinity 
Black Tile/Red Metallic
Red/Silver 3" Icicle fringe
Black TileTrim

Style - Trinity 
BlackTile/Not Pink Metallic
Not Pink 3" Icicle fringe
Hot Pink Metallic Trim
Back same as Black/Red

Style - Trinity 
Black Liquid Sequins/Purple Velvet
Silver fringe
Silver glitter trim
Crystal Swarvoski Stones

Style - Trinity
Turquoise LS
Black Velvet 
1" straps
Turquoise/silver 3" icicle fringe

Style - Trinity
White Squiggly Sequins
Emerald Green Metallic 
Double skirt - silver under side
3" silver icicle fringe.

We Make 'Em Tall
       We Make 'Em Small
We Make 'Em Any Size At All!!!
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             We now have 3 Seamstresses making 
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Free stoning!!---(Up to 2 gross, Tots up to 1 gross)
    Free Alterations!!
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Ordering Concerns!

We Guarantee
the Fit!!

Trinity styles -  Non skirted

 Youth --- $210.00
           Adult --- 250.00
                    Plus --- 280.00

Add a skirt for
Silver refletive Metallic
Silver Glitter trim
Black mesh skirt w/Silver glitter stars
Over Black Hologram Metallic
 Black mesh w/stars straps 
with Black Holo Metallic straps underneath
Silver Swarvoski half moons accent the straps

Trinity ST
Gold Print - White Mesh with Gold Stars
Gold Metallic trim
White Mesh Skirt w/Gold Stars
 over Gold Metallic
Gold Metallic Mesh straps 
with Gold Metallic straps underneath
Silver Swarvoski half moons accent the straps

All styles on this page are the same price as listed below.
Remember --- You can order costumes in any size, color & trim you want ---  Fancy That!!!
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