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Rainbow cracked ice tile - Nude w/gold sequins
3" gold icicle Fringe - Emerald sequins
Lime Net Skirt

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Style - Spectacular
Red-Silver Liquid Sequins - Royal
White see thru - Fully Lined
Straight skirt - 4 stars on  each side.

Turquoise Print-- 2" straight fringe
Silver Sequins
Double skirt - Silver/Turquoise Print 

Pink tile Ice-  2" pink Icicle fringe
Fuchsia Sequins
Double skirt - Pink/ white with sequin stars 

Silver Print  3" Red Icicle fringe
Red Sequins
Double skirt - Red/ white Lace

Burgundy liquid sequins- Nude w/Silver Seq.
3" Silver icicle Fringe 

Shimmering Turq print - Nude w/slv sequins
3" turquoise icicle Fringe 

I am so pleased with my daughter's beautiful costume made by Diane.  Ordering was extremely easy.  Diane is friendly and professional.  I picked out one of her costumes but wanted a few changes made to the design.  Diane did exactly as I asked!  The costume is beautiful and it fits like a glove.  I will definitely order from her again!

Karen Baker
Fort Worth, Texas

Style - Spectacular
Burgundy Metallic
Gold Liquid Sequins
White Metallic Dot trim
Gold 3" icicle fringe
Fully Lined
Straight skirt
Charger in Gold letters
($6.00 each sold separately($6)a letter sold )

Spectacular - Skirted
Navy Metallic - Silver Holo Liquid Sequins
Nude w/silver sequins
3" silver icicle Fringe 

Spectacular - Skirted
Blue Metalic- Royal Liquid Sequins
Nude w/silver sequins
3" silver/Royal icicle Fringe 

Lilac Metallic - Purple dot Metallic
3" lilac/purple fringe
Lilac Metallic skirt

Blue TyeDye spandex - royal blue metallic
Silver Sequins - 3" silver/royal icicle fringe
Blue Lace Skirt over Royal Metallic

Shimmering pink zebra print
white Sequins - 3" white icicle fringe
Hot pink net Skirt over shimmering sivler Metallic

Spectacular -  Double Skirted
Navy Metallic - Gold Metallic
Nude w/gold sequins
3" gold icicle Fringe 

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Spectacular styles - skirted

Tot --- $195.00                 Tot --- $125.00
Youth -- $290.00         Youth --- $210.00
Adult --- $350.00           Adult --- 250.00
Plus ---- $380.00            Plus --- 280.00
Spectacular styles - no skirt

Tot --- $195.00                 Tot --- $100.00
Youth -- $290.00         Youth --- $190.00
Adult --- $350.00           Adult --- 230.00
Plus ---- $380.00            Plus --- 260.00
All styles on this page are the same price as listed below.
Remember --- You can order costumes in any size, color & trim you want ---  Fancy That!!!