Ordering Your Custom Made Twirl Costumes Takes a lot of thought.

  Below you'll see we've organized what you'll need to consider. There are three ways for you to get your order to us:

  #1 - You can fill out the form below and submit it to us.   We'll send you an email quoting the cost of the item and                  asking any questions we have.
  #2 - You can email us at the address below and we'll make the decision with you by email.
  #3 - You can give us a call at the numbers below.   Always try the office number first.

     No matter which way you choose to finalize your costume order we'll send you a secure invoice for payment.

You can begin your order below or click on the How To Measure Button to get started.
When you've approved your order completely with us - we'll send you a secure invoice.

First & Last Name
Mailing Address
City - State - Zip
1 or 2 Contact Phone #'s
email address
Repeat email address
How soon do you need your costume?.
Chest - Measure around the body at the nipples
Waist - Smallest part of waist
Lower Back - Small of back (below waist - and above hip)
Hip - Measure the largest part of the hip.

To measure full girth - measure from top of shoulder down back, between legs and up to the same shoulder.   Be sure your athlete stands tall with feet together

Upper Arm - Around largest part of  upper arm

Arm Length - Armpit to wrist
Full Girth
Upper Arm
Arm Length
Lower Back
If Long Sleeved measure:
Lower Back
Name of Costume Style
  Below list Color numbers or Names as you want them on the front of the costume.
Color Name or Number 1
Color Name or Number 2
Color Name or Number 3
Color Name or Number 4
Color Name or Number 5
Color Name or Number 6
Color Name or Number 7
Color Name or Number 8
There are still more instructions you want to give me
The items below have write-in boxes so you can describe your needs.
Do want a skirt added or maybe removed?
Do you need long sleeves?
Do you need fringe?   What kind & color?
Fabric trim or Sequin Trim?
Need a matching scrunchie?  $3.00
If you need straps --- How many?
I realize this seems like a lot.   Remember you don't have to use the form --- You can email or call me.
We'll work it all out together.

Call - email - text                                                                                               Cell Phone # 419-980-0574      
 Email --- [email protected]